mister car wash

We just got back from another trip to Ctown. While there, our friend Kyle was driving us around, and he was pulled over. Kyle told us that was the 6th time in 4 days he had been pulled over. Talk about racial profiling! Well the policeman pulled us over to tell Kyle that he needed to wash his car.

The next day we went to a car wash in a gas station. It was exactly like they are in the states - behind the shop with a little area that you drive into - except that there was nothing mechanical. It was a bunch of men that washed the car. The car in front of us got the deluxe wash, meaning the inside of the car was washed. And when I say washed, I mean fire-hosed down. They took out the seats of the car and just hosed the interior. Needless to say, we opted out of the deluxe wash.


Domino said...

I think that's a rather good idea. The inside of your car deserves a good cleaning, too! That's crazy about being pulled over and told your car is dirty. I'd get pulled over a lot!

Sneds said...

carpet and all?! what are they thinking? haha! i guess i should just be thankful that the cops here arent THAT picky. :)