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My mom said I'm not blogging enough. I told her she doesn't comment on my blog so she has no voice to complain, but she did carry me for 9 hot months and gave birth to me, so I guess she gets a voice by default. I have nothing of blog-worthy nature right now, but here goes my best shot.

1. I have a baby blog. If you want the address, email me and I'll be happy to send the link to you.
2. We leave for Thailand next week! I get to eat beef and seafood, swim, stay on a lake for 2 nights, get out of the heat/monsoon (although it is rainy season there now too), and find out the sex of the baby. Will he be EJR? Or will she be HER? How funny, I never realized the girl name's initials.
3. Speaking of beef, I've been missing meatloaf lately. I love my mom's meatloaf! I got an idea yesterday and after a delivery from our butcher, a check online for special instructions (there were none), and a quick phone call to my mom, I finished up with mutton meatloaf! Yea! It tasted exactly the same. Why didn't I think of that before?
4. Husband is blogging again! Will it last? :)


jrob said...

Will the blogging last? Of course it will. I'm going to have some meatloaf right now.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

mutton loaf hunh? Creative :)
I like monsoon season in T-land :) It's so fun :) Whoo hoo for rain!!

Sneds said...

i love your blogs. i want your baby blog. ill try to remember to email you...but i must get back to work now. :( a little behind from the honeymoon! :)

S. Domino said...

And what did baby EJR or HER think of mutton meatloaf?

alittlewater said...

i am proud of you for making the mutton meat loaf. i'm not a fan of mutton, but way TO GO anyway.

i will have to email you about the baby blog, i need to read it.

much love,

news sender said...

I should say that I get a say! I did carry you for nine LONG, HOTTTTTT months, raised you through teenage years, sent you off to South Asia, walked barefoot in the snow to school, uphill----both ways, etc. But, I do like your blogs. :) I'm glad the mutton loaf turned out good too. :)

Love you.