I have finally made it to my 200th post! Took me long enough!

Something you may not realize about this blog is that I have several reasons why I do it. The main reason is pretty sneaky - I like to show the interesting things about South Asia to my friends and family back in the States in hopes that maybe some of you would come to love this region as we do. Then maybe, just maybe, you would decide to come on a trip out here! But I also do it because I love to talk about South Asia, and I love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts!

So, in these remaining months, what would you like to see on this blog...more pictures, more work stories, more silly stories? Something else? I know we are all opinionated, so here's your chance to voice your opinions!


S. Domino said...

I like hearing work stories. It's uplifting to hear the Boss moving through you guys. Oh- and funny stories about monkeys and such are always good!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

200 that's quite an accomplishment! Nice!!

jrob said...

I think you have too much to say. Ha ha, just joking. You will always be my beautiful "babbling brook".