top 10 mundane things i'm looking forward to

We should be stepping foot on American soil in one month. This list probably changes daily, but I'm doing a Top 10 of the things I'm most looking forward to. Now obviously, I'm mostly just excited to be around my family and friends again. So, that's not on the list. Neither are travel-related things (like going to the lake) or food related things (like eating steak and baked potatoes at husband's family's house) just because those aren't exactly mundane, and also because they are pretty much a list of their own. Wow, only I could take something so simple and over-analyze it until it's complicated and categorized. So here is my list of mundane, I-always-took-this-for-granted type stuff that I'm extremely excited about:

10. A dishwasher
9. Not standing out
8. Cooking with meat
7. No 120 degree weather
6. Being fluent in the language
5. Year round variety of fruits and veggies
4. Wearing skirts and shorts
3. Comfortable furniture
*2.5. Safe tap water
2. Constant electricity
1. Mailboxes

*How could I forget that one?!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

oh yeah, consistant mail service - nice one!! Dishwasher (the non-human kind) is exciting too!! Fun!!! I'm sure I'll definitely be thinking about the 120 degree weather thing soon! haha!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

ohhh and a nice comfy "nap-worthy" couch! Fun!

Jonathan said...

I thank God for our dishwasher all the time. Although, we had a helper - so it's not like I really struggled in Delhi!

Aarmel said...

HA!! I laughed so hard at this post. It's so true though...it's amazing the things we take for granted. I do think you missed a very important one though - accessible public toilets!!! :)

E-Rob said...

J - yeah, can't really complain when we have a helper. It'll just be nice to not have a stack of dishes all the time!

Mel - yes! How could I forget about the toilets?? Also a constant water heater, too. And possibly traffic laws.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

ohhh safe tap water - good one!

Christine said...

Warning - Your mother tongue WILL fail you before you know it. You won't be able to come up with a simple word and you will look utterly stupid in front of someone who won't understand!