and the flag was still there

My language helper, Priya*, has made it clear to me from day 1 that she is not a cousin of mine. Instead, she is devoted to something else, and I've been sending money that she could turn to the light. I found out last week that she is married to a man in the States, who she married in a court ceremony this past August. He lives in the US, but is planning to move to another English country, and take Priya with him. It may sound strange to us westerners, but it's actually very common for the men to go work in the west, come back to find a wife, and either take her with him abroad, or wait to earn more money to either come back home or bring his wife to him. Well I had been sending money that both Priya and her husband would become cousins both so that neither would be in the way or harm of the other. I thought, he's in the States, it's highly possible the boss would put someone in his life to bring him on the narrow path. Today I found out the saddest thing: turns out Priya received a call from an American woman last week, who had looked at Priya's husband's phone and called Priya, whose number was on the phone consistently. This woman, Amy*, claimed to be the real wife of Priya's husband, and they had been married over a year ago, making Priya's marriage void. Priya said she was shocked, and stayed in bed and cried for three days. She and her family will be traveling to visit her "husband's" family to make arrangements for annulment. (when Priya confronted her alleged husband about this, he didn't deny it, but merely said, "Amy should not have called you.") She is very distressed and hurt, understandably. Just this morning, in my quiet time, I had asked the boss to provide an opportunity today to share, and in the instant that Priya told me this, I knew what I needed to do. I told her I would send money for her and her family. She then told me that she wonders if she did something so horrible that the gods are punishing her. I told her that my husband and I eat the bread, and asked if she had heard of our bread, and she nodded and said she actually owned one! (bridge!) I told her we believe the bread, and it speaks of a boss who is always forgiving when we ask, and not a boss who punishes us physically for every wrong we do. She continued to tell me of how hurt she was by the whole ordeal, and I shared with her my personal story of the time in my life when I felt so lonely and empty, and turned to the name above all others, and he gave me peace. I told her I would send money for the boss to give her peace as well. She was very grateful, and I'm hoping for many more opportunities to share with her.

Is it "understandably"? That reminds me too much of the whole supposedly/supposably thing, and I'm afraid I sound like uneducated.

I've been watching all the weather reports on CNN today, very concerned for my family and friends back home. The reporters were in several cities, one of which was where one of which is the small town my husband's extended family lives. In both of those shots, the reporters showed the flags that were flying behind them, pointing out in one the two flags remaining, the American and the state flag. He said the American flag had initially been intact, but now was in shreds. The state flag flying next to it was in perfect condition. In the other shot, there were 3 flagpoles, 2 of which were empty. Again, the only flag to remain (and in perfect condition, I add) was the state flag. I love America. But is it wrong that I had an immense, gleeful pride at the fact the state flag remained over any other? Anyone else with me on this? If so, we probably are as arrogant as everyone says we are.

I'm waiting to hear from my family and friends that our town is safe, and the surrounding areas are safe and unharmed as well...

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