we made it! (again)

So we're here, safe and sound, and a little chilly, in our city. We love it! It's so weird that after so many weeks of scrutinizing pictures for any new clue about the town, we are now in the area of all the pictures! I have to say, this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Ranks right up there with Paris (gasp!), although of course in a very different, nature sort of way. (Paris, of course I still love you!)

So, we've been meeting difficulty finding a place to rent. Our property dealer (not called a realtor here) was not the brightest of fellows, but he was very nice and drove us all over the area that he wanted to show us. (note: not necessarily the areas we wanted to see) We desperately cried out to the boss yesterday, seeing as our hotel budget is about to run out. (the company gives us about 7-10 days to stay at the hotel, and maybe a few more grace period if we need it. Today is day 6) We sent money for the first new book our boss wrote, the 6 chapter, where he says he clothes the birds and fields, so won't he take care of us as well? then, my husband went to chat with the men who he has made a friendship with at the hotel who work there, and one guy gave us a reference for 2 new property dealers! Of course the boss sent that to us. We contacted both of them, one of whom showed us a place today, and the other will be showing us about 4-5 tomorrow.

The one he showed us today is perfect. Absolutely beautiful! After going back home, I opened up to my favorite passage of the book, the thrid chapter of lam. I've always loved the part where he's faithful and new meries every morning. But today I read a little above it, and it mentioned, "I remember my homelessness..." I started crying when I read that. He is so faithful, and doesn't forget us, even the small things, like not wanting to stay in a hotel any longer. Now we at least know we have this beautiful place, and maybe even something better!

So many things have happened since we got here, I don't even know where to begin. We are staying in a former prince's summer bungalow. (don't get the wrong impression - it's nice, but not the Ritz, not that I've ever stayed at a Ritz to know) In one wing, a former queen lives in the hotel still. She's 95, and sticks her head out the window every now and then to spit or hang dry her bras. (I'm not kidding) My husband told his front desk friends that he wanted to meet her, but they quickly shot him down. "She is not keen on meeting people." Anyway, on the top floor of her wing is where her servant lives, which we didn't know at the time. 4 of us were sitting out on the terrace garden, which is right next to the queen's home, and this man sticks his head out of the window and threw something as hard as he could on the ground, then left. We were stunned, but then looked at each other and laughed. we thought maybe it was a teacup or something, becausee it broke. then, he sticks his head out again and throws something ELSE out! We were laughing about maybe it was his daily ritual, at 5:20pm to throw something out the window. Anyway, we were talking a little more, then all of a sudden the tree next to the stone wall of the queen's house starts moving, and this man falls over the wall! He got up and ran over to where he had tossed whatever. He had the goofiest look on his face! My husband went over to see if he needed help, and he asked for help to find his cell phone, which apparently was what he threw out the first time that broke into several pieces. Husband helped for a little bit, but shrugged and came walking back. One of our friends with us asked, "Did he find all the pieces?" and husband pointed at his head and said, "No, he's missing some pieces." haha! One of the hotel workers came out a little later and said that this guy is always causing some sort of disturbance. Later on, he climbed on top of the wall and walked it balance beam style, which this time we got a picture of. I'm going to try to post it on the blog just because it was so funny.

Wow that was a long story, and so I hope it wasn't one of those "had to be there" stories. Something exciting is that my husband met our man of peace this week, or at least one man of peace. He is very friendly, is a reputable man (he introduced husband to the former mayor of our town, the longest running mayor here) and his wife is actually our ppl grp, from a village, and he said he would take us to his wife's village sometime, so it would be our "in" to the village! We are very excited about this.

Well since I'm paying by the minute on this blog, I should get off. Hopefully I can post more sooner than later.

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dadto3 said...

Hey guys! I enjoy reading this page so much. It reminds to talk to my boss about you guys often. I'm glad things are going well for you. I keep sending more money in hopes that things will go smoothly for you. I'll write again! Buck <><