barriers and breakthoughs

The other night we went to Deepak and Naina's for Naina's birthday. They actually called us a few hours before and asked if we were coming. Even though we didn't even know it was her birthday, we said, "Of course we're coming!" It was a good thing we weren't busy, because it was only those 2, us 2, and Naina's cousin-brother. (that is not an Arkansas joke...even though they have like 8 words for "aunt" or "uncle", they don't have a word that differentiates between cousin or siblings because they consider them to be pretty much the same thing) Naina has told me several times how lonely she is because her parents are deceased, her inlaws don't approve of her, and really her only friends are Deepak, husband, and me.

She made us a big dinner, which was so tasty. I tried to help out, but probably ended up making a big mess of her kitchen. Do you know that the common flatbread here is first heated on a flat griddle-like thing, then they heat it directly on the stove burner? And she doesn't even use tools, like a lot of women I've seen make the bread, but instead uses her bare hands? Ouch.

Well I think I see a breakthrough beginning to happen with Naina. Deepak and Naina both have heard the good news several times and understand completely what it means to be a true believer. They want to accept, but their culture is so rooted in their other beliefs that they are having a hard time giving that up. Not to mention the persecution that will follow, given that they are high class. Deepak once wondered if they could inwardly serve the boss, but outwardly pretend to remain how they are, so as to avoid persecution. So they understand the costs, but it's hard to for them to see even though they would be sacrificing on earth, they would gain so much more in the hereafter. Also, since Naina's parents are both deceased, if she acknowledges that her belief system is not true, she will have to acknowledge where her parents are now. That must be a hard thing to grasp. When the timing is right, I will show her the story of the man who asked Lazarus to tell his brothers the truth, to show her that right now, her parents want nothing more than for her to accept the boss as Truth. But until then, it will force a barrier between us if I tell her too early.

Well anyway, she told me about this part of their money time, where they offer food to their bosses. (Warning: Fairly Controversial View Approaching!) She told me that earlier that day she had offered sweets to the Boss and to her other bosses. Am I making you uncomfortable? Don't get all itchy and nervous, I know this is not the ultimate goal, but I think it's a breakthrough that she's beginning to see his authority. I'm sending money that she'll soon stop this business with her other bosses, and realize there is only one true boss.

These are examples of some of the opposition facing these people to accepting the Truth, and hopefully it will help you know better how to send money for them. Warfare is definitely alive and kickin' here in peaceful South Asia.

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Sneds said...

wow! thats crazy...i will send a lot of money for her, so that she can learn that the one true boss is all she needs to survive in this world...not all of those other ones. i hope that you find the perfect time to share with her the lazarus story, and that she will understand what you are telling her. let us know how that goes. love you and miss you!