meet chini!

Meet the new addition to our household! Since she's all white, we named her Chini (means sugar in the language we are learning. It also means a Chinese person, but most everyone knows we mean the sugar definition :) She's an Asian pomeranian. I say Asian, because all the poms we've seen here look like a slightly larger version of the pomeranians I've seen in America. And they're also a bit less furry. (Chini rhymes with genie)

So in naming her, we found a few names we really liked. The problem was, they were human names, and after talking to Priya, I found out that dogs are considered low animals and naming them after a human is an insult to any human who has that name. Or even any fictional character. Yeah. That one really got me too. When we were looking at male names, I liked the name Raj, and asked Priya, to which she laughed and asked me, "What would SRK think?" See, SRK is a very famous actor here, and in a lot of his movies, he has the name Raj. Wow lots of rules and customs! *As a side note, seeing as SRK is my fave actor here, I wouldn't want to offend him anyway. That may kill my chances of being in one of his movies! And as my chances are pretty much slim to none, I can't afford to lose any.

Well anyway, here she is, our little bundle of energy. :)

Snuggling at husbands' feet

Right: We were trying to get how funny she looks hopping around after the ball. This is the best we got.


Domino said...

What a cute chinaman! How big will she get? Give her a kiss for me and tell her all about her aunt in the good 'ole US of A. (Will she be able to make the trip back with you?)

News Sender said...

Oh! Another grandchild! How exciting! I guess now I'll have to start including presents for him in your "care packages" that I send you. I hope you take better care of this "child" than you did of poor Theo. Tell Chini that Mimi loves him!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

She's adorable!! Awesome!!

News Sender said...

I guess I better get the sex of my grandchild correct! I thought with a name like Raj and an "actor" that we were talking about a boy. But I love little girls just as much!

NOSILA611 said...

I'm so sad that we weren't there for the CUTE puppy! We love puppies!!! She's precious!

Sneds said...

she is sooooo cute! i hope you get to keep her when you come home...i want a puppy now! :)