You know you've been out of America for a long time when you play a word association game like Catch Phrase. Our friends hosted a game night last Saturday night and we would never say no to a game night. So a group of us, mostly newbies who have been in South Asia less than 2 weeks, played Catch Phrase. There were some of us, though, who have lived here a little too long. I say this because, well I'll just give one example that speaks for itself. When a person gives the clue of, "You take medicine for this..." it's not normal to shout out, "Diarrhea! Giardia!" Yet sadly, that is the first thing to pop into our heads.

The answer, by the way, was a migraine.


pawinlaw said...

Not to worry. Once the newbies have been there a little while, they will understand!!! Game nights are always fun. I hope you get to play a bunch.

Domino said...

Game night without little ol' me? Must not have been any fun! At least those cheaters Ash and Su weren't there!