Happy Resurrection!

This morning, we went to the sunrise service at 5:45am. It was held at some really nice gardens here in the Capital. The gardens are home to several very very old tombs (from the 15th-16th centuries!) and were the perfect setting for a sunrise service on this special day. As the leader pointed out to us, we were surrounded by all these tombs, but we know that the tomb of our boss is empty!

Many Capital-dwellers come to this garden for their physical and spiritual exercises. As we walked to join our group, we saw many people doing Yoga. (to get a glimpse of the true meaning of Yoga, read this) But many others were doing their cardio or toning exercises, which to a Westerner, can look pretty funny. (check out the nicely dressed guy doing his stretches on the bench!) We in the West are cool, with our jogging and cross-trainer machines, or our serious weightlifting. During the service, while the speaker was talking, husband whispered to me that I should look behind the speaker. I peeked around him and saw a man doing jumping jacks! Right behind the speaker! It was pretty funny, especially considering the moment. But it's sad too that this is just another day to most of them.

By the way, I did not take the jumping jack guy's pic during the service. He was still jumping after the service was over, so we snagged the opportunity. :)

Today's High: 94; High Today in Paris: 63


SouthAsiaRocks said...

hahaha! That was great! I love that guy doing the backbend thing! I'm impressed :)

Anonymous said...

you are cute. and I love you! and I miss you! What a beautiful place to celebrate the day in! Guess what my man did yesterday? He was the SPEAKER! Oh yeah. I make a lovely "speaker's wife!" (if I do say so myself!) I can't even imagine what the high temp is here today...although my dad told me that in AL, the high yesterday was in the 20s, a record low for E Sunday!
love you, alison

sneds said...

wow! a grown man doing jumping jacks. i forgot about jumping jacks...i didn't realize people still did them. ahhh....elementary school P.E. class. sweet memories! :) hey, i think i heard something about you guys. please email me with any good news! oh yea, and i sent yall a wedding invite today...i know you can't come but i thought you'd enjoy the pictures! :) miss you!