I've come to realize that no matter where you are in the world, He will provide others there to teach you, encourage you, love on you, guide you, or just plain have fun with you. And even the things you think you're missing out on, He'll provide that, too. Case in point. SE, a precious 9 year old going on 30, and one of her big brothers, C, 11. They are in a family close to us who just moved back to the States this week. C decided he really wanted to take guitar lessons, but they needed to find a teacher, preferably one who spoke English. He didn't have to look any further than husband. And SE had been asking her mother to take ballet lessons, and instead of having to miss out on an aspect of life that seems so normal to Americans, and so inaccessible to us living overseas, SE was able to take rudimentary ballet lessons from me. Of course all that blessing talk was about myself, because I never thought how lucky I'd be to get to do something so cool. It was so much fun for me, and to be able to teach something that I love, it's a great opportunity. So like I said, the boss will provide ways to encourage us.

SE began the lessons back in January, and on March 22, we had a recital. Yes, that's only 2 months to not only learn ballet steps but string a dance together. And SE, the prodigy, did it beautifully and professionally. We moved all the furniture out of our Yellow Room and about 15 people came to our place to watch her dance not one, but two dances. I was so proud of her! (these are all pics from the recital. As you would guess, ballet shoes and tutus aren't what you'd call readily available here, so we made do)

We had snacks afterwards, because I wouldn't be a good SB if I didn't offer food at function, even if the function did involve dancing.

High Today in the Capital: 95; High today in Paris: 67

P.S. Nothing has changed, I still love getting comments... :)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome! I wish I could have see her! I bet it was awesome! I love how you explained her as 9 going on 30 - she's so cute!
So, since you mentioned the word "tutu" in you blog I have some old 80's song in my head - the one that says: "Don't mess with my tutu"... but that's all I know, so it's a really bad song to have stuck in my head.. :)

Christine said...

Did you have fried chicken like a good little SBer? :) - Chrissy

sneds said...

she is so cute! that is awesome that you got the opportunity to teach her!