auto rickshaw all by ourselves!

So today is Sunday and it's been very interesting and eventful. First of all, since today was Sunday, I got to wear to a national outfit! At the house we're staying, there are quite a few "suits" left over from girls who didn't need them after leaving the house, and so we got to borrow them. Mine was turquoise and blue with a little flower/vine embroidery on it. I love it!

Second, we were picked up this morning in an auto rickshaw to go to church! Our first experience in one. It's actually not too bad. It's a very small 3 wheeled "vehicle", with the driver sitting in the front, and a bench in the back that seats 2 but will hold 3. They kinda look like the cars you get in at amusement parks that do the high wire across the parks. That was a messy description, but it probably helped with a visual. Anyway, we had 3 in the backseat. The church met at an auditorium that held about 200 people, and I think almost every seat was filled. It was funny to walk in there, because it looks like a church straight out of Anywhere, USA. A cross on the pulpit, a keyboard, a p&w team, etc. I mean, it started off with a guy playing the saxophone! haha There were probably around 20 americans there, and also about 20 asians other than south asians. We sang hymns and praise songs ("here i am to worship", "draw me close" were the only 2 songs I knew) and there was a baby dedication. I tell you what, though, seeing people in another nation worship the Father is something that I hope always brings tears to my eyes. It's a humbling experience to know he is all over the world. The message was great, oh and by the way, the whole service was in english, and it ended after only about an hour and a half.

We ate at the same restaurant we had for lunch yesterday. I know, not very adventurous, but this was not our choice, it was the people who took us this morning. After still not knowing much about the food (I just eat what's in front of me), we've been trying to order on our own so we can learn by experience, mistakes and all. It hasn't been able to happen yet. The people who go with us assume we want their help in ordering (and by help, I mean full decisions) and so we still haven't been able to try out stuff. I mean, everything everyone orders is delicious, but it would help for the next time if I actually knew what it was called! So I think the next meal we're going to try eat by ourselves, which is great, because, hey, date night!

So, at the restaurant, my very smart husband asked the waiter what an auto rickshaw would cost us to take to where we were going, and he told him 15-20. Since we're white, we get charged out the wazoo, so he thought it would be wise to find out what a national pays to help us get an idea. I agreed. So we found one auto driver who told us 5o. Ha! No thank you, sahib. Then we found another guy who my husband offered 20, the guy said no, and they ended up settling for 30, which is what our friends had told us is the lowest they've ever paid. Great job, Hubby! Lowest on first try! Maybe when we speak the language, we'll one day be able to get closer to the nationals' charge.

Well I'm getting more and more used to it here. Except for the extreme heat, I would say my satisfaction is 100%. This morning, I had some quiet time on the roof of our house, and I glanced over and saw a peacock on one of our neighbors' roofs! Everything's so strange and new and exciting.

My husband just told me his stomach isn't feeling quite right. That sure didn't take long, did it? I think it's time for a Sunday nap.

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