resting day

Ahhh...Sunday. With all the crazy stuff we do during the week, it's so nice to know that Sunday is just around the corner!

This morning, all of us were planning on going to a local, more indigenous church, but true to our country's culture, the time changed or the place changed, or something, so we weren't able to meet with any church by the time we found our ways back to our friends' house. We ended up having a small group at their house, which was nice, and was topped off by a fantastic, homestyle lunch. I've always loved mashed potatoes, but man, after living in a place that doesn't make anything blander than habaneros, mashed potatoes make my salivate.

I should have written yesterday about some conversations we had with some of the people we met. At the very first place we went, one of the "volunteers" there came to meet us and somehow we ended up talking for almost an hour about our boss. She was actually from Lebanon and came on a 2 month volunteer trip to stay at this temple. It was very moving to see such darkness and blindness on these people, and we are sending money to our boss so that hopefully he will heal these workers.

Also, the naked monk was a seeker. He'd eaten many different types of bread, but never our bread. He actually asked us several times to bring him our bread because he wanted to know how it tasted. We were floored, but definitely sent one his way as soon as we got home. Can you imagine the impact that would have on him and his many followers?

And last, the man who paid my husband and I the huge compliment actually invited him to a conference today about wellness and finances, by men who really follow Paul Zane Pillser, who I had never heard of until yesterday. Anyway, it's a great opportunity for my husband, who of course accepted, and will be hoping for many chances to share the truth with this man, Raghu. (pronounced like the spaghetti sauce that I oh so miss. I had spaghetti the other night, and I could only take about 5 or so bites before I couldn't feel my lips anymore. Even my husband said it was really spicy)

Now it's time to take that Sunday nap...

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