we made it!

I still can't believe we're here! We were delayed about 4 hours in London because of a fuel leak, but man, am I glad it was only 4 hours and not the craziness the poor people are facing there now with the strike and all. We missed it by mere hours - thanks to all the money people sent us for the flight, although we have a few coworkers who are stuck in London as I type this. I feel bad for them!

I love the city we are in right now! We're not where we will be living permanently yet, but this city is great! It's bustling and cheap and has everything we need. Seriously, we even had Aquafina at lunch today. I almost took a picture of it to show my sister in law that she can come visit us now. :) There's a fun "market" a couple of blocks from here. I use quotations because it's more like an outdoor mall and not a place that sells fruits and veggies like I had pictured. If it weren't for the stifling heat, that wouldn't be so bad if there was A/C as available as I am used to, I would definitely be out exploring right now. Instead, we're waiting until about 7 or so before venturing out again. We went out this afternoon, and that pretty much took a lot out of us. Luckily, our house is extremely well ventilated, and it really feels more like a palace to me than a house. I mean, marble floors, high ceilings, large rooms, flowy curtains, arched doorways...this place is gorgeous!

We have already noticed the different culture we're living in, obviously. The morning/night we got here, I thought we were about to be kidnapped, until I saw it was only our street sweeper who was crawling under our window. And James constantly tells me to just not watch while we're in a car because the people here drive like maniacs. And we almost ran over 5 cows on the road today after lunch, so I'd say there are a few differences. I'm taking pictures now before it becomes so second nature that I don't even notice the weird things anymore.

I've been on long enough - I'll probably go back and hang out with our coworkers for awhile before we go exploring again.

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