reflections of an ipod

On our way home from the capital yesterday, I had plenty of time on the train to listen to my iPod, and I realized what a mix is on my own playlist.

Cousin - It was fun to listen to He Reigns by the Newsboys on the train. "The sound of Asian believers, filled with *'s Holy Fire/ It’s every tribe, every tongue, every nation, A love song born of a grateful choir..." I loved looking around the train at all the different tribes, tongues and maybe even nations represented there. It became kinda like moneywalking for me! Chris Tomlin, Joy Williams, and our office's choir, among others, brought me back again and again to the boss's throne.

Country - From Rascal Flatts, to George Strait, to Toby Keith, I love country. The real country, not the crossover kind. I was raised on such music as the Oakridge Boys (noboby beats that bass singer!) and thought "Redneck Girl" was a song about me. (to my credit, I was 3, and had red hair...I thought they were singing Redhead Girl, and I did love to cruise in Daddy's pick up truck). I just know I'll be listening to Asleep at the Wheel's "Boogie Back to..." on repeat during the plane ride back to the States.

Rap - (I know, I know) But as my mom once said, "You can take the girl out of Nimitz, but you can't take the Nimitz out of the girl." Plus, what's more fun than old school rap? Play on, playa.

Disco - Feel free to scratch your head. I'm not a big disco fan at all, hence I only have one song from that era, but I can't get enough of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." (who I read recently that she has since become a cousin) That song helped me get over many guys back in the day. So if the 70s have to be represented on my iPod, who better than the First Lady of Disco?

Sinatra - The last minute of Theme from New York, New York, makes me want to hook up in a cancan line and do flex kicks.

Bollywood - Without which no playlist would be complete. These are actually the songs I look forward to the most! You just never know what's going to show up in a South Asian song: a very American instrument, like a saxophone; a cheesy rap ("She's so cool, She's so fine. Out of 10, I give her 9!" is one of my fave lines); or best of all, a gospel choir. It's also fun to pretend I know the words. And I figure the more I'm familiar with the music, the better prepared I'll be for when I'm an extra in a Bollywood movie. :)

So if my iPod could speak (maybe one day, they will...) it would say, "I love me some crazy roadtrip mixes!"

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So what happened to Surfin USA???