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A very quick post with a few things:

1. The ballet class has been approved! I'm so excited. However, the director warned me that the class may be very small since not many people here even know what ballet is, so I'm sending money that the right girls that the boss has prepared will come to class, and it will still be fun, even if it's small.

2. As of today, we've been in country for exactly one year! Wow, time has flown! And, we're celebrating by...leaving the country. It's time for a vacation! Although we live a life that to some may seem like it's vacation already, we still need a physical and mental break. We're flying out to Africa to go visit our good friends and coworkers tomorrow. That leads me to the third point...

3. Please send money for our safety. This isn't the best week to be flying, but we know all of life is in the boss's hands, and how could I get through life without that fact? Please ask that he'll keep us safe through our travels for the next 2 weeks.

See you (with pics!) in 2 weeks.

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~April ~ said...

Hey friends!!that is so great about the ballet class!! hope you are having a great time on vacation! oh here is my blog address you asked for: http://www.aprilcoffman.blogspot.com