the ironies of monsoon

We have no water in our house pipes. Never mind that it rained for 3 days straight after we got back from vacation. Somehow, our house has the only drought in all of South Asia. The city hasn't pumped water in our tank for 3 days, with no explanation. I was only able to do 2 loads of laundry (and that's coming-back-from-vacation laundry) before we ran out.

So today, of all days, was the first day since probably mid-July that we've had a sunny day. I immediately thought, Finally! My clothes can dry on the line and not next to a heater. But of course, on our one day of sun, we have no water to wash clothes with. Ah, the irony.

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nosila611 said...

sorry dude! ahh...love living in STYLE, right? we're now at 5 days OFF and 2 days ON with our electricity. NICE.
love you