yes, i have a delivery order

Something really cool we have here in the Capital is that anyone and everyone delivers. Not just the pizza and Chinese food places, but we're talking the butcher, the Momo guy, McDonald's, Subway, and best of all, the grocer! I love that I can call up my little neighborhood market and order milk, eggs, bread, and oil, or something like that, and in 10 minutes it'll be in my kitchen. It's awesome! But, sometimes it doesn't work so easily. The wife of the man who owns the shop is always very frustrating to get on the phone. We can't figure it out - either she hates her job and rebels when we call, or she speaks one of the other national languages that we don't know. Usually after saying "hello?" three or four times (that's the South Asian way of saying, "I don't speak English.") she'll pass us on to her husband or one of the shop boys who understands our accent. But I learned yesterday that sometimes even that doesn't work. I was calling to order 10 eggs, dish soap called Pril, laundry detergent, milk, cheese, and juice. I've done this a thousand times before, and I also do it in their language (which I'm sure is heavily accented, but they can understand). This is how the conversation went:

Lady: Hello?
Me: Yes, hello, I have a delivery order.
Lady: Hello?
Me: Yes, hello, I have a delivery order.
Lady: Hello?
Me: (Pause) Delivery.
Lady: Yes?
Me: 10 eggs...
Lady: And?
Me: Pril.
Lady: What?
Me: Dish soap, Pril.
Lady: What?
Me: P-R-I-L.
Lady: V?
Me: No, P for Punjab.
Lady: C?
Me: P for Punjab.
Lady: D?
Me: No, no. Dish soap. Dish soap.
Lady: (shuffling noise as she hands the phone off)
Man: Hello?
Me: Yes, I have a delivery order.
Man: Yes?
Me: 10 eggs...
Man: And?
Me: Pril dish soap.
Man: What?
Me: Soap.
Man: Laril?
Me: No, not bathing soap. Dish soap.
Man: Bathing soap?
Me: No, not bathing soap. Dish soap.
Man: Ohh, dish soap.
Me: Yes sir.
Man: Dish soap?
Me: Yes, sir.
Man: You want dish soap?
Me: Yes.
Man: What kind?
Me: I don't care.
Man: What kind?
Me: Pril.
Man: Pril?
Me: Yes, sir.
Man: Anything else?
Me: No.

Haha. The milk, cheese, juice, and laundry detergent would have to wait another day.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's funny :) You gotta love phone conversations :)

Anonymous said...

Great story Em! I miss ordering things!

Kenny T.

Elizabeth said...

I thought about your story today and wished people delivered things here. Considering how lazy the U.S. is, you would think everyone would deliver here!. I needed a cake and had to go to the store and get myself...

I will make you a pot roast when you move back...

sneds said...

hahaha that is hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA. too funny.


Deanna said...

Hilarious...there's nothing quite like a good phone conversation in another language.