let's relax

Gotta brag on husband for a minute. He came home from class the other day and told me he asked around and found out about a spa that has "great ambiance" that he wanted me to go and spend an afternoon at. He said that I deserved to relax since he knew it must be uncomfortable carrying a baby. He wanted me to get this certain 4 hour package that has all these cool treatments and sounds really expensive, but in reality is a fraction of the cost in the US. But naturally I couldn't get a lot of the massages and treatments because of being pregnant, so he gave me a price range and just told me to go and pick! So today, I went to this very soothing spa and got foot reflexology, hand reflexology, and a neck, shoulder, and back massage. It was pure bliss. Since I was well under his price I did what any pregnant woman would do - after the massage I stopped in at Haagen-Dazs and had a scoop of Banoffee ice cream! My hubby sure knows how to pamper his wife - what a great husband!

Yes, let's!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

ohhh - "Let's Relax" is one of my fave places!! I've only been there twice though - I like the cheap street ones a lot too :) haha! but that place definitely has the ambiance! I love the flower pedals they soak your feet in - so cool!!!

lwhite said...

Get use to the pampering while you're pregnant; eventually it become all about the baby and not the parents! You are so blessed to be taken care of so well.

Mom said...

AWWWWWW! What a sweet husband. See what I meant all of those years by finding someone who would treat you like a princess?

Love you.

S. Domino said...

Glad you're treated like you deserve!

Sonny Portacio said...

FYI: We've been reading your blog from (just about) the beginning and just wanted you to know that we appreciate your work AND your writing.

In Him


sneds said...

wow! i'm pressed! it sounds like you had a nice time and that he really knows how to treat you. you guys are so great!

Deanna said...

Good for you!!! I also loved the fruit blog. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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