byob - bring your own bird!

This year, our Capital team decided it would be much easier if all the families just brought their own chickens to the Thanksgiving lunch. So since husband has been having fun all week using his new tandoor, of course we brought tandoori chicken!

The night before Thanksgiving, we had some friends over to grill in our backyard...all of which takes on a new meaning here, when a grill looks like a bucket and a backyard is about 8x8 with concrete flooring.

Here they are gathered around the grill.

Husband taught them how to make naan. If I had to guess, I think naan translates to "little pieces of heavenly bread." :)

The chicken we took to the Thanksgiving feast. Since the grill gets about 700 degrees inside, this entire chicken took only 15 minutes to cook all the way through.

After lunch, a lot of us went down to the park to play/watch a good game of American football. Husband somehow managed to keep his new white shirt from getting dirty.

And since we looked odd because a.) we were playing a game that wasn't cricket, and b.) there were a lot of Westerners in one place, we drew some spectators. I wonder what they thought of the game?

I can't say enough how much of a blessing it is to have a 'family' over here. We miss our families in the states so much, especially at holidays. I still miss the fun Thanksgiving traditions we have with our families back home, like kick the can, going to the lake, and trying to accurately make Mema's dressing (this year I didn't put enough poultry seasoning in it, and also made it too dry - there's always hope for next year!), and our family here can't replace that. So having a family over here keeps us from going crazy from loneliness. We thank the boss for these wonderful, fun, and creative people!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

I AGREE! It's awesome to have our South Asian Family! Dad ROCKS!
Turkey Day ROCKS!

five_solas said...

Interesting that on our first BIG holiday back in the US, we still were without most of our biological family.... Hmmm... I do long for our family in TZ. Gosh, what fun times we had with them on the holidays! :)

five_solas said...

(that was Alison, by the way.... not Brad)

Bethy Faith said...

Hey! Yeah, spectators are kinda inevitable, i have found out. last month we went down to a park to play baseball, and in five minutes there were about 10 people watching us,but having a family over here deffinetely rocks!!!!! alot!! (^_^)
Bethany S.