put on your saree...

...it's time to celebrate Diwali!

(I love that episode of
The Office!)

Here are some pics from Diwali - the Festival of Lights. We went to Jaya's house to watch how they celebrate.

Our street all lit up

A sobering reminder

Jaya's mother's home, complete with hanging marigolds and the flower decorations on the ground. The designs are always so beautiful.

Jaya told me the colorful decorations on the ground are so the goddess of wealth will visit the home that year. She had about 5 of these on her driveway and patio. Some were made of flowers (like this one), some of colored powder, and all had candles around them.

The crackers are the main attraction. Husband estimates that their family spent around $500 on crackers! It was quite the show. They wouldn't let me get close, and I had to sit almost the whole time, because of my 'delicate situation.' Every year, so many crackers go off all over the city that it sounds like a war-zone.


Andrew and Liz said...

The floral arrangement is amazing...and I, too, love that episode on The Office!!

S. Domino said...

Hazel is going to love Diwali! All those pretty lights and of course, the fire crackers! Oh- and I love Diwali on Office Space, too!