wedding time!

Remember the bridal shower from a few weeks ago? Last night was the wedding! It was a lot of fun for several reasons: 1, we know the bride and groom well. 2, we knew a lot of the guests. 3, the ceremony wasn't at 2am!

The mother-of-the-bride (Auntie) told me ahead of time that the wedding would be very small - only about 400 guests! Now, my own wedding was considered huge by American standards with 300 guests, so even though I'd been to two South Asian weddings at that point, it still shocked me. I asked Auntie how many guests were at her wedding, and she said about 750! I posed the same question to another lady who was listening to our conversation, and she agreed that about 800 guests were at her own wedding! I guess I had conveniently forgotten how many people were at the other weddings I had been to.

The bride and groom about to cut the cake. This wasn't the cake we ate, nor could this small cake have fed the 350+ guests. Instead, they passed around South Asia's favorite cake - fruit cake! :) I'm not sure where this cake ended up:

Sorry for the dust spots in the pictures. Our pixel-thingy catches the dust particles, and it drives husband nuts:

Here is a picture of two of our good friends that also h
appen to be gorgeous! The one of the left is the sister of the bride:

The happy couple!:


Aarmel said...

I love wedding season!!! I always enjoy all the bright, beautiful clothes and yummy food. And it helps that wedding season happens to be the time of year when it cools down. : )

Dana said...

That wedding looks so fun. Istanbul was so beautiful. I would suggest going. It was fairly cheap too. I would like to go back and buy some rugs! When is Hazel arriving?!