2007 in pictures

My friend Kelley had a great idea of looking back on 2007 with her favorite photos. I decided to steal her idea. :) I've narrowed them down to my Top 10 favorite pictures of 2007, 5 anonymous for this blog, and the other 5 on the family blog.

5. This picture was taken in a J temple. It's in my top 5 because it sums up perfectly why we are here in South Asia.

4. This was taken on a beach in Thailand, and I like it because it makes me laugh. It seems auto rickshaws really are every where. :)

3. Jaya lighting candles around her home for the festival of lights. I love all the colors in this photo. It's hard for me to believe I only met her last year. She was definitely my most meaningful friendship in 2007.

2. It was hard to choose my favorite picture from Venice, because the city is picturesque from all angles. This is from the Grand Canal. Our European trip was our big vacation of 2007 (and probably our life!) so of course Venice had to have a special mention.

1. Paris is possibly my favorite city on the planet, so not only did it deserve to be on this list, it deserved the top slot. It was even harder to narrow down my favorite Parisian shot. I realized I can't go wrong with a classic, so I decided on this one, taken beautifully by my husband.


Kelley said...

that rickshaw picture is HILARIOUS.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

dude! I LOVE that Rickshaw pic! haha! That's awesome! :) Cool pics!

Deanna said...

Great photos! I love the European shots, of course:) I might make it to the Paris airport if our flight home connects through there, otherwise not. Great picture of the tower.