pics from the himalayan country

While we were in the Himalayan country, the city was very smoggy, so here's the best pic we got of the Himalayas surrounding the city:

Yeah not too picturesque, huh? Here are some more pics we took.

There were tons of cafes. Husband took this picture because he liked the guy's hat.

There is a radical communist presence in the country.

The view from our hotel room. I have a hard time believing that pool ever gets used.

There are a lot of hippie-types that spend time in this city. So in one market, men would come to us and offer us hash. They looked a lot like this guy, so I took his picture thinking it would make a cool story. Alas, he was merely selling lip balm.

We met this shopkeeper through an American friend. He was really cool and had the best accent. I bought this shirt for baby.

This is that guy's dad. He was a sweet, smiley guy. We sat with them and they insisted we have tea while we shopped.

The city's traffic is pretty bad. One fun thing about the city is that there are a lot of what I would call 'grand buildings' like the one ahead of all the cars.

Pronounced 'thirst-pee'. That pretty much sums it up, huh?


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like fun! I love that water brand name! haha!
Baby's little shirt is cool!
So do they drive in the lines up there?
I heard it gets pretty hot up there in the summers... so maybe that pool is used then?
Looks like fun!

Deanna said...

That is the best name for a drink I've EVER heard!

Deanna said...

You would LOVE the movie Enchanted! It's a great romantic comedy/musical/chick flick. Highly recommended! And Abby did just fine on the cross-Atlantic flight even with a raging ear infection. The secret? Lots and lots of drowsiness-inducing medication:)