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What a wonderful time I have had here. Getting to see my first grandbaby what a joy and thrill. She is so very precious and cuddly. I will be heading back next week to the states but oh my what memories I will take. My son is so blessed to have such a wonderful wife. I am blessed by both. What joy and thrills to my soul they have brought.

Well, my many adventures here have been awesome. The food, shopping, and sights. I will never get over the traffic jams. They have nothing over Texas. I did however, get one of their bugs while I was here. It was not pleasant and put me out for 5 days. However, I did get to visit one of their gastro doctors and receive some wonderful meds.

I know that I will miss the kids and just getting to hug them but oh that grandbaby what a blessing to get to come here at this time.

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

whoo hoo! Glad you came and glad you had fun! It was fun meeting you :)