celebrate good times, come on!

You're welcome. (for putting that song in your head, of course) Tonight, husband and I went to a birthday party! It was for our maid's daughter who just turned 5 today. This was our first time to meet her kids, and they were so sweet. The little boy was a mess, and the girl was the sweetest thing, giving us kisses on our cheeks everytime we turned around. She lives in a neighboring area, about an hour's walk away, so we made the trek and were rewarded with some beautiful new views of the mountains.

After dinner, our maid put on music, and we broke out into a good, old fashioned dance party! It was awesome! First, our maid taught me her traditional type dancing, which involved a lot of arms flailing about. Then, husband's language helper taught me her traditional dance, which was more upbeat. Picture a mix of Latin dancing and Saturday Night Fever and you have somewhat of an idea of what it looked like. There was even a moment where we did the two-fingers-over-the-eyes move. It was so much fun! Husband danced around with the kids while us girls played around.

One of the most exciting things about the night was we spent 2 hours there, and only spoke about 25% English, and we understood everything! It's so encouraging to spend time like that where you get done and feel like you can survive in this language.

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