turkey heads + no water = a great day

Thanksgiving was a success! 4 girls and 1 guy, none of whom had ever made a turkey, prepared a 12lb turkey in a counter top oven with no water. Yep, our water has been out since yesterday afternoon. We prepared our entire thanksgiving dinner by the help of two of the girls lugging water bottles from their apartment (which does have water) to our own.

It was fun this morning when E, our friend from the capital, started preparing the turkey. When she took it out of the bag, she noticed that the butcher oh so
generously included the head of the turkey. We had fun with that. A quick call to my mom taught us how to prepare it, and it went off without a hitch. Water shortage excluded, of course. We had to be creative on which pots and pans and utensils could be used twice without washing. Fortunately, after sending a lot of money, it all worked out. We had a nice sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, Mema's dressing, fruit salad, regular salad, and turkey and gravy.

We had a great time of p&w after dinner, and I was so thankful that the boss had surrounded me with great new friends to celebrate with, and the technology to talk with my family. (and see!) Then we enjoyed the pumpkin cheesecake and apple pie with coffee! Real coffee, not instant. What a luxury!

All in all, it was such a great day, even with the hustle and bustle with preparations and the mess that has become my kitchen. (no water really does you in, but it is a great excuse to not do the dishes)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Waiting To Go said...

WOW!!! It's a real turkey. I didn't know they had them there. At least I didn't see any when I was there. Just "Chickens". I guess they were in hiding. The "BOSS" has been good to you. We'll be sending money for the both of you. We Love You!!!
Donnie & Kathy

NOSILA611 said...

NASTY! I can't believe you had the head! That grosses me out! You are living out that movie...where they cut the head off the duck at the Chinese rest. at Christmastime? You know, the Christmas Story! Awesome! (but SO gross!)
Word up!

mom's friend said...

I was wondering how you would celebrate this special day! What wonderful experiences you are having and witnessing the goodness of your boss on a daily basis. We love you! (Just sent a box out to you this week.)