just a few highlights from our recent trip

The view from our hotel room. To be fair, I deliberately didn't include in this picture the construction that was going on right outside our window. You would think I'd be pretty blase about mountains by now, but nope. I found these beautiful, too.
This a pic of the city I shot while cruising on a moped. Husband had the terrific idea to rent a moped for the entire week instead of having to take taxis and all that. It only cost us $20 to rent for the entire week! The city used to be completely surrounded by a moat. The moat is still there, but the city expands outside of it now.
This is just one of the many waterfalls there. Next time we go, I think we'll take a day to hike just to see all the waterfalls. I am not sure why this sentence is underlined, nor why the font won't turn blue...?

One night, our team had dinner on the Ping River.

Another night, we went with two other couples to a traditional dinner. It was really cool - they served us on trays and we lounged while we ate. We didn't know it before going, but it was all you can eat, and guess what they had - soul food! ;) We were so shocked when among other things, we were served fried chicken, pork rinds, and fried bananas! They also had a pork curry, sticky rice, fried cabbage, a chili sauce for the pork rinds, and soup.
After dinner, there was a performance of traditional dancers from different parts of the country. At first we were inside to catch such dances as the Fingernail Dance (we sure were relieved to find out those girls' nails were fake...they were several inches long!), they led us outside to watch more. This is the Rice Dance, where the girls put rice in their little baskets and swish it around. I liked them mainly for their cool hats.

There are many other highlights, such as our marriage seminars with Dr. Gary Chapman, the auction our group had for awesome American items, meeting and being taught by the new President of the SBC, and the 4th of July BBQ and celebration at the largest pool I've ever seen, but those all include pics of us and others, so I had to leave them out.


Domino said...

Sounds like a blast! I don't think I could eat while people's feet are that close to the table. Ew. Love ya!

Sneds said...

im glad to have you back telling stories about your adventures...i love reading this thing. ill be thinking of you lots!

soontobeopa said...

found you through the baby blog. glad to see you guys are assimilating to the environment over there. hope all is well.

Alex the OK said...

The reason the sentence was underlined and the font would not turn blue was because it appears you have an open anchor tag (as in an html link you know, hope that tag showed up.)

Normally links will be blue and underlined unless there is something called a style sheet that changes things.

Therefore, your style sheet saw an open a href tag (anchor tag that creates web links) and applied a blue underline (traditional web link underlining), and a black font (non traditional web link color, but most likely one your cascading style sheet called.)

One way to clear it is to edit your entry and look for any open web links, that is, unclosed a href tags.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it, it still looks fine, but that might solve a mystery for you.

We are sending money for you guys to the boss daily.