visitors and lessons

Now that rainy season is here, we're starting to get quite a few new visitors to our home. This one came last night, and just for perspective, one of our MTs bravely put his hand next to the creature for the sake of posterity. This one is just one of the few we've had lately.Also, we have this little over hang in our living room, and it's hollow. For awhile we've had some kind of animal that likes to make noise in it. Our theories on this range from monkey to rats to flying foxes. (husband swears that he's seen them here) Well today, whatever this thing is, was going to town. I kept thinking any minute the plaster would break and this critter would fall into the living room, and both of us would freak out. Luckily it hasn't happened yet, but stay tuned.

Tonight we had a cooking lesson for our MTs. I taught them a couple of very simple dishes, along with rice and flatbread, so that they could cook them for their families when they get back in merely a week.They made me laugh with how much of perfectionists they were. The bread had to be perfectly round (except the last piece they did in the shape of our country), the onions had to be chopped just right, and the chicken had to be aligned perfectly in the dish. They were pretty proud of themselves afterwards!


Sneds said...

ewwwwww i hate spiders! i hope you guys stay safe from all the creepy critters around your casa. take care!

Domino said...

Invest in some bug spray and sit tight, friend!

Love ya.