why monsoon season is no fun

I know, I know. I really shouldn't complain, because I could be in the capital right now, where it's monsoon season AND it's incredibly hot. We just have wet here. However, since our elevation is so high, we are literally in the clouds, and have been for about a month, and will be for about 2 more months. Couple that with no insulation and drafty windows, and you have a very wet house. Our sheets, towels, bedspread, clothes, everything, stay in a permanent wet state. We can fight this - a little - by turning on the heater in our room, but we still get into bed and within a few minutes are sticky from the moisture. I just took these pics, one on our terrace and one just outside the door. It wasn't raining at that moment, those are just the clouds.

Our clothes don't dry, either. These clothes have been hanging on the line since Monday morning. Today is Wednesday. They are still damp.

Yesterday I went to put on my leather sandals, which happen to be an expensive gift from generous friends in the States. As you can see, they are covered in mold. And they weren't even kept in a dark area, but in a room with a window!

But at least it's not hot. Capital (and plains area) folks, I don't know how you do it!


sneds said...

that is crazy that your shoes molded...i have never heard of that. sorry your house is wet...i will send some money your way to keep you from getting frustrated with that. hope everything else is going great!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

mold - yuck!! cold and wet doesn't seem fun... I don't know what's worse - cold and wet or hot and wet/humid.
Do you have an attic? Is that where you dry your clothes? cool! Your balcony thing is really cool too!
Have a RAD week!!

News Sender said...

No wonder you got sick! A girl who is highly allergic to mold does not mix well with mold growing everywhere. Love you.

Domino said...

I feel for ya. Here's hoping these next two months fly by.
Oh- and, m'dear- what did YOU wear when you went swimming?

NOSILA611 said...

yuck yuck. you got some moldy feet, huh? my shoes mold here too. I'm just not sure I could handle cold and wet. That seems just miserable. Well, at least you are coming here for a while! And you can be hot! I wanna know what you wore to swim too...
see you soon! 11 days!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

OK, I totally feel ya now... I see what you mean!!! Our clothes aren't drying!!! and it's raining all day everyday!! We've been up here a week and a half and have had one day without rain!! Whoa!! It's a whole new world out here :) hahaha awesome!
Do you guys have leaches??