Here is a photo-journal of our time with the in-laws. Their time here started off slow and leisurely and seemed like the 9 days would go at a slow enough pace for us to fully enjoy them. But after about the 3rd day, time did what it loves to do when you're having fun - it zoomed by.

They were very adventurous and ready to experience the real South Asia.

Here is husband taking F-i-L to get a shave. Where else but South Asia can you get a shave, nose and ear trim, and head massage for less than a dollar? (the funny thing about that is husband semi-gripes because that's a lot more than he paid in the Himalayas :)

Street food vendor. Can you believe every one of them wanted to try street food?:

Husband is serving us our "fast food breakfast" on our road trip. I guess this is South Asia's version of the Egg McMuffin:

A little dancer boy than entertained us:

Sis-in-Law and I got mehendi (henna tattoos). Hers was on the back of her hands, while mine was on both the back and the palms:
Here's a look at both sides of my hands. We got this done exactly 2 weeks ago, and mine is still on, although it's very very light:

Here's M-i-L doing some shopping in one of my favorite markets. If you know her at all, you know she had the time of her life sorting through all the fabric here:

We took them to monuments, landmarks, and very old ruins. This one had some buildings from the 1100s!:

We also taught them how to eat this entire delicious meal with only their hands:

And finally, we set up the tree together and opened up some presents:
Although the tree is looking even more Charlie Brown-esque than last year, I love it. It's quirky, and more important, having the tree up means it's officially Christmas season and I have license to play as much Christmas music as I want!


Andrea said...

Hey! Your tree is fun! It looks happy and colorful! I like it :) I also liked all the other pics :) awesome!

Sneds said...

Awww....I am so glad to see that you guys had so much fun! I hadn't read this in forever...so I've had fun catching up on all your entries. I still have a couple more to go. I love your Christmas tree, and I am so excited for you to get to tell your new friends all about what you guys do for Christmas. How fun! Bye for now, love you!