quiz time

So a friend of mine took a personality quiz that's a lot like Meyers-Briggs, but more fun. I'm so analytical when I take personality quizzes, because unless it's a universal truth, there are no absolutes with me. For example, if I was asked this question in any sort of quiz, "On any given day, would you rather burn down your house or watch soap operas?" I would hem and haw. Well that depends...what soap opera? Is anyone in my house? How much coffee had I had that morning? You see, I don't like being pinned down to one action. All that to say, I loved this quiz. Thanks BekiB! I got to rate my answers on a little slidy-bar thing instead of having to say true or false (well...there were a few of those, but not many). Here are my results:

If you put the cursor over the block you can see what I am. I'm pretty surprised that my openness wasn't higher. I mean, the fact that I share online the fact that not only am I more masculine than feminine, but I am very authoritative and not at all spontaneous...doesn't that demonstrate my inability to be ashamed? Well anyway it's a good quiz. I liked it, and I recommend it.

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