ode to the ambassador

Some of the taxis here are very old rickety Ambassadors. I'm not sure how old these Ambassadors are, but I do know they are well past their prime. But South Asia just wouldn't be the same without the Ambassador, and so, I write a blog applauding the old car. Way to go, Big Guy.

For the Ambassador has a magical expanding interior. Here is a picture proving that the South Asian Ambassadors are a feat of engineering. A driver, his turban, 3 teenage boys, an 11 year old, a 9 year old, and 2 adults (one of whom is hidden beneath the pile of people) can all squeeze comfortably into this sedan.

A certain amount of grace is given to these cars, that cheat the system on the roads any chance they get. 2 lanes? Why not make it 3. A long line at the traffic light? No one will mind if we cut in front! Missed your turn? No problem, just reverse until you get back to it. Everyone is always very happy to see the Ambassador doing these things, and usually many cars will honk their approval as they dodge past.

Also, the Ambassadors are only driven by the most fun people who may not always know their way around the city, but at least they know that FM channel. Take tonight for instance. A traffic jam is not always the most fun place for husband and I to be stuck in. However, thanks to the Ambassador's sound system, a roomy interior, and the fun driver, we were all three able to dance to a lively Bollywood song as we creeped along the road.

And these reasons are why there is nothing like the Ambassador. They just don't make 'em like they used to.


Domino said...

I can totally see you gettin' your groove on with a taxi driver!

south asia said...

Yes, this is why I'm destined for Bollywood. :)

Sneds said...

again, you are hilarious! :)

julie said...

i really hope we get to catch up! there is so much to say...so much. and i think you know what i mean.

Big Brother said...

Again - your glowing report shines light on the forgotten heroes of 2 generations ago. Ambassador memories must run rampid in Memaw and Pepaw's house....

This cracked me up - kind of sounded like the real American Heroes Budweiser commercials.

Oops - I said the "B" word.