My friend from Paris days, Christine (weird calling her that, I knew her as Chrissy :) tagged me on her blog, so I'm being faithful in my re-posting duties.

8 interesting (or not so interesting?) things about me:

1. I've walked on sandy paths and mountain roads and the filth of South Asian streets, but the one place I can not stand to walk on is wet grass. Something about it really disgusts me.
2. After hearing the horror stories about worms on this side of the world, I am terrified that one day I will sneeze and a worm will come out my nose.
3. I love that living in the Himalayas for a year taught me how to cook almost anything from scratch. But I still can't master a simple omelet.
4. I loved Encyclopedia Brown books growing up, and thought he was a genius. I never could figure out how he could recognize the tiniest, most insignificant detail and solve a crime. Husband found a used one and gave it to me on my birthday, and I read one story to him to amaze him with Encyclopedia's skills...but we both solved it immediately. I was sad the mysterious days of Police Chief Brown's genius son were over.
5. I do not like to shop. But I can bargain with the best of 'em.
6. I haven't driven a car in 2 years, and I'm scared I have forgotten how to drive.
7. I'm a huge dork when it comes to spreadsheets and organization. (and probably lots of other things) I create spreadsheets for no real reason, with charts and graphs and pretty formatting and things. Seeing spreadsheets in Times New Roman font and black and white colors bore me.
8. I never, ever read non-fiction books.

I tag: Sarah, Alison, Andrea, Alicia, Husband, Julie, Beki, Janet


SouthAsiaRocks said...

You don't like to shop? Really?

We rented a car while we were in Malaysia...haha! It was funny doing the driving thing after 2 years of not driving! (one time Adam accidentaly drove on the right side... haha oops!)

Kelley said...

I had a dream the other night that a snake jumped up someone's nose.

seriously? no non-fiction? You are missing out on some great books...like Through Gates of Splendor and The World is Flat and 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I love non-ficiton. Makes me think.

Christine said...

haha - You can still call me Chrissy! I can't remember who knows me as what anymore!! Good info- I HATE wet grass too! - CA

jrob said...

I love all the wierd, funny things about you!

E-Rob said...

No I really don't like shopping. It's pretty anti-female, wouldn't you say?

And I do try non-fiction books, but I get bored or frustrated halfway through. I get more life lessons out of reading a Francine Rivers book. And I do like that 1000 Places book - but just to peruse or reference.

Mom said...

Worms out the nose??? I could have gone a long time without actually hearing that.

Love you,