thailand food, not to be confused with thai food

We always get really excited about coming to Thailand because of the food! We're not fanatics of Thai food, we actually rarely eat it while here. Instead, we eat all the American/Western food we can get. I know, I know, that sounds horribly ethnocentric, but we only get Burger King, Starbucks, Steaks, Fried Shrimp, ribs, hot dogs, pork, etc, biannually, so you better believe that's what we eat. And it helps that I'm not a huge fan of Thai food anyway.

BUT...Thailand has awesome fruit! I can't believe I'm admitting this, but before moving to South Asia, I never knew the wolrd had more varieties of fruit and vegetables than what we could get in the States. So, in honor of my ignorance, I decided to put pics of just some of the fruit we eat here in Thailand. And yes, I realize this is pretty dorky. The one famous Asian fruit I don't have a picture of is the durian. It has the most horrific smell and is even banned from most hotels. I think my camera, myself, and the entire internet would smell permanently if I got close enough to a durian to take a picture, so I declined.

Do you know the names of any of these?

Husband calls these "Jewish mangoes":

I think these are the most stylish of fruits, with their hot pink, white and black colors:

The "hairy strawberries":

And these aren't fruit, but they are my new favorite candy. I don't
even know what they're called or what they're made out of, but I love them. Most have the same flavor despite their different colors, kinda like a coconut, with other flavors like peanuts or something mixed in.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

YUM!! I'm already missing all that yummy fruit!!! I'd name them all, but I think that would be cheating :) I love those candy things at the bottom! Yum! Who would have thought that something made from rice would be "candy-like" :) The lime green ones are my fave :)

sneds said...

Wow! I have never heard of or seen any of those. I'm impressed! :)

jrob said...

Husband speaking...actually I got the name for that fruit from Adam :)

Elizabeth said...

I used to feel that way when we would go to Lubbock from Clovis. But all I really wanted was chick-fil-a....send me the link to your baby blog please.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Ok, I know it's lame to leave a comment on a post so old (and may be the first time leaving one your blog...but I feel like we're almost friends through the Shef's blog...anyway)...But my new language can actually shed light on a couple of these...

The first fruit, not sure. Sorry.

Second one- "Manggis" (pronounced Mahng-es) although white people usually call it mango-steen. Like fruit punch from a tree. Manggis is called the "Queen" of fruits while Durian is the "King"

3rd- Dragon fruit. And yes, the outside of it is almost as cool as the inside. It looks like a fruit that Disney World would invent...but pretty sure it came from China.

4th- Rambutan. "Rambut" means hair in Bahasa and "Hutan" means jungle. So this fruit is like "jungle hair". Nice description huh?

The unseen Durian- Here "Duri" means "spike" or "point" and since durians are spikey on the outside (yet another warning from mother nature not to open it!) they named it that.

You're prob the only one to ever read this, so I hope you enjoyed and learned something new!


Anthony and Sharon said...

You have a baby blog too? Can you send that link to me via my blog's comments? (we approve all our comments so I can make it not show) Thanks!