the thai boathouse

I guess I can retire Jaya's reminder post now. But don't stop thinking about her and her family!

So we're about halfway through our stay here in Thailand. It's been quite eventful so far, but will be slowing down a lot starting next week when husband's schooling starts. I'm pretty sure my remaining days here will be filled with scrapbooking, swimming, and Starbucks. After our 10 days of meetings, we went on a really cool weekend getaway with some of our friends from Capital - another young couple and a family. We stayed in a boathouse on a lake that we never learned the name of. After the entrance fee incident, we loaded our bags on a long tail boat and sailed the waters to our humble abode. Soon we understood why they told us the boat ride to the house was about $5 a person, but a car ride there would be free. I'm sure that's quite the running joke at the national park.

Our rooms were simple - we had no electricity, save for the generator that ran from 6pm to 5am so we could have a fan on while we slept. It also
turned on for about 20 minutes right after breakfast so we could fill up our barrel of water for the day. Yep, no running water either. And I couldn't begin to list the amount of items that dropped into the lake never to be seen again. But we had beautiful scenery, a lake to swim in, high dives to jump off of, inner-tubes to float around in, a little rickety rowboat, 3 tasty meals cooked for us, and so on. All we were missing was my dad and his boat, pulling us on skis, kneeboards, and tubes all day. It was a lot of fun, and we would definitely do it again. Although this time we'd bring a battery operated fan with us.

I'll blog again real soon about our day tour of the Golden Triangle.


Christine said...

Sounds like a fun (interesting) time was had. Hope you are enjoying some r&r.

jrob said...

We had a great time at the lake. We need to make it an annual thing.

Sneds said...

Sounds like a blast!

Mom said...

Dad's boat? I think I own half of it. Just because he is the one that stays out in the hot sun and never tires of pulling you around the lake a million times in one day, doesn't mean that he gets the whole boat to himself!
Love you,