Today husband and I had an awesome opportunity - we were invited to help with a training for national cousins. There were about 45 men there, dedicated to learning about CPM. (multiplying of offices) We trained them about money-walking, and then helped out with storying and observed a lot as well. What an opportunity it was, and I got to experience a few "firsts" as well. Not to belittle this great group of men, but training them reminded me a little of teaching my 6th grade SS girls. We get so used to a certain method of learning in the West (or really in any culture) that when another method comes along, it confuses us a bit. So they were about at the same level of American style learning as my girls were. Not that they giggled to each other or passed notes; it was more like they struggled with concepts, such as passing out paper. As you read these, keep in mind that this was a group of grown men...

* First time to use a translator
* First time of hearing the words "We chased a sparrow" being uttered when referring to what they did during money-walking
* First time to hear students say they couldn't answer any more questions because it was past their tea time
* First time in several months to see such wholehearted p&w
* First time I had such a hard time explaining "break into 10 groups"
* First time I've seen people so excited to be facing a 9 hour training session
* First time I spent the entire day without A/C in 100+ Fahrenheit weather


SouthAsiaRocks said...

I feel ya with the AC thing and the 100+ Fahrenheit weather... our AC is busted (and has been since last September) and won't be fixed for another couple of weeks AND yesterday it was 107 at one point! YUCK!! I LOVE SWEAT!!!!

Domino said...

Oh come on- get with it. "I chase a sparrow" all the time. Gees, girl. Get with the times, here.