So I'm alive, just not up to date on my blogging. We have finished with the Subject That Shall Not Be Named, thank goodness. Now we're just resting up before heading to the capital this weekend. We can't wait because our friends from Tanzania are coming to town! We'll be picking them up early Tuesday morning, and I'm dying to see them. I can't wait for the late night card games, tons of sharing stories, and just seeing our great friends will be such a blessing! After all this travelling we've been doing, it'll be so good to de-stress with our friends!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

We're going to be in the capital this weekend too!! Awesome!

NOSILA611 said...

WOOHOO! That's all I have to say! See you in 3 days!

Domino said...

How exciting! Have fun, friend!

dadto3 said...

Hey you guys. Long time no talk. I have talked with both of your momma's and dad's and have been keeping tabs these past few weeks. Sent you lots of money! Check out my new blog www.racetolife.blogspot.com
Love you both!