Well our friends are gone. They flew out this morning around 4am. It was sad to see them leave, but we'll be seeing them again in August, so it's not too bad. We girls had so much fun shopping. My friend was the live embodiment of the phrase "Shop til you drop." If shopping were a sport, she'd be the star player.

Husband and I will be in the capital city for the rest of this week taking care of business. Yesterday, it was up to 106 degrees here, and it's only April. I've heard that by June, it can be up to 120! But man, I love this city, sweat and all. I've come to realize that I am most definitely a city girl. Kinda strange, considering out of all the mega-cities we could have lived in South Asia, our city is less than 200,000 people. Our boss has a sense of humor, and I also think it goes to show how much he likes us to rely on him to get through. And why not, since without him, it would be beyond impossible.

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NOSILA611 said...

And, thank you very much, every day that I've been back in Africa, I have worn something from India! Today, it's the crazy blue dangle earrings! And the compliments are just flowing! All that shopping paid off!
I love you!