Chini Houdini

Husband has done a fantastic job training our dog. She is so obedient that our landlord told us she was going to send her daughter over to husband for him to train. One of her favorite things to do is go on a walk, so when we say to her, "Chini, you want to go on a walk?" she starts flipping out, jumping all over the place and yelping in excitement. We'll then say, "Get your leash!" and after a few more yelps, she will get her leash (hanging on the wall) and bring it to us.

This morning, I left Chini in her crate and took a walk by myself with the intention to come back early to join husband and Chini for a walk. When I entered the house, I saw that Chini was sitting on the floor, with the leash at her paws. I asked husband, who was still in the bedroom, if he had let Chini out of her crate, and he looked puzzled and said no. After me several times asking, "You're kidding, right?" we realized that little Chini had found a way to get out of her crate and was waiting for me to return so she could entice me to go on a walk with her.

I always knew she was a super dog. I didn't realize she was also an escape artist.


NOSILA611 said...

how funny. Brad's done a pretty good job with Maggie & Kili too. he makes them SIT for their treats. and then he says WAIT and they just sit there...he can get the treats right under their noses and they just wait until he says OK. (they have a bit harder time if there is meat in the treat...but they will still wait!)
cool doggies!

NOSILA611 said...

now, as far as the taking them on a walk...well, they don't do that. my sister was sending us leashes & collars, cause they are SUPER expensive here, so we waited for them to come in, but they never did. so we bought some. and now they are too old and "set in their ways" to be okay with a leash and collar. yep. they are wild African dogs! :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha awesome! THat's really funny!