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We've been so busy moving in that I haven't had anything interesting or blogworthy happen to me lately. Or it could be that we've been in South Asia for long enough now that funny things are normal to us, and we don't notice them anymore. That's a little sad if that's the case because I like seeing the humor in our daily lives. Is it weird or normal that we watched the World Series live at 6am? How about having a beggar woman, with a cane, mind you, chasing me down the road asking for money? Or taking my morning walks along side cows; that's normal, right? Or going to watch your "nephews" play Little League baseball at no less than te American Embassy...doesn't everyone go to the Embassy to catch Little League?

Well one thing that I k
now that's new is our house! It is definitely still a work in progress...for example, our living room is currently enjoying a Christmas theme. We inherited the couch and chairs, and they came with bright red cushions. We had already decided to do the living room in a light-ish green, a color that would give off a cool vibe in the summer, but could still do a nice warm for the fall and winter. Luckily the cushions will be re-covered tomorrow, so I can stop explaining in an embarrassed voice that this is not how I'm keeping the living room. Here are some pics:

The Before Picture of the Living Room

Oh yes my friends, that's a bathtub!

The camel design in the other bathroom.

My favorite parts of the kitchen: the organized pots and pans rack, and my alphabetized spices.

The Yellow Room - when the sun shines through at midday, the entire room turns yellow.

Chini loves her new house! Here she is snuggled up on Husband's sister's bed away from home.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

hey, the red and green are cool :) Rockon! We're still going with the "no-curtains-no-real-furniture" look :) hahaha well, we should have our fooseball table next week :) That should make our house cooler :) See ya soon :)

Domino said...

Call me crazy, but I like the red couches! I'm so thrilled for you that you've got a bathtub! Woo!
love ya.

nosila611 said...

Wow! That bathtub is amazing! I'm sad that we missed it! I like the red too, but I just know that your decorating will be great too! I still need more pics! It was so great to talk to you today! I miss you...a lot!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Wait... did you say that you alphabetized your spices???