the family is coming!

Husband's family is coming! We're actually leaving for the airport in 20 minutes to pick them. I made an embarrassing elaborate Welcome sign, and we are very excited. I actually had to blog to keep myself occupied.

We've been working on getting the house ready for them. Between ceiling fans, washing machine, computers, and our kitchen sink, we had a lot break in the past two weeks! Here's a picture (sideways...sorry) of the sink repair man. Interesting position to work in, but hey, got the job done!
I've been cooking up a storm today, and at the last minute I decided to bake them a Welcome cake. I have some leftover cake mixes, and thought, why not, that's easy. Of course I had to improvise quite a lot, and so easy became weird looking. First, I don't have a 9x13" pan. So the cake was made in one square pan and one hexagonal pan. So the layers look goofy. Second, the oven is too small for both of those pans to lay side by side, so one was leaning on top of the other in the oven, and of course baked uneven. And finally, my cake writing skills need some improvement. At least they'll have jet lag and maybe won't think this looks weird...or maybe not.
And finally, if that doesn't look sweet enough, here's a picture to leave you with. Since I won't be able to blog a lot in the coming 10 days, this picture is a great one to keep coming back to. She's such a girly girl, isn't she?
There may be some Very Special Guest Bloggers coming up soon...if I can convince them. :)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

I think that cake is rockin!

Domino said...

No lie, the cake looks delicious! Have fun with the family!