Real South Asia - by M-I-L

My oh my what a time we have had. Today we went to do more shopping in a taxi. Which seemed to be a rare breed. It was mostly rickshaws, bikes, or people on the street. We saw several traffic jams and such. Unfortunately, most of the shops were closed but what a sight to see. Of course, we were the only Americans there. We also went to eat a very nice restaurant with these wonderful chocolates "heaven". After that we got to go shopping again YEAH what bargains. There is so much to see that your eyes are full. Such beautiful fabric. Lots of hand embroidery and needlework. I was finally able to pick a fabric and buy some. Most of it was for suits and they did not sell it by the meter but at the end one was found. This has been the most awesome vacation we have ever been on and we also had our 28th anniversary. You never know what the boss has in mind. If you ever get the chance, come to South Asia...but make sure you have a guide. the Mother-in-Law

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