Guest Blogger - the Mother-in-Law! :)

What an exciting time we are having in South Asia. The sights and sounds are beyond what I expected. The flavors of this country are outstanding. We have gotten to seem some wonderous sites and they are truly amazing. The people of this land just grin and smile when we are out. I am sure they are not only use to seeing white people but those with red hair. We have had so many wondrous opportunities to explore here. One was getting to eat off of a street vendor. The food was great but getting to eat outside and sit down on their man made benches was so cool. We went on a great adventure the other day and had to travel for 4 hours to get to our destination. There were so many things along the way. The camels pulling carts. The cows everywhere. The women dressed in these beautiful colors and having so many items piled upon their heads. I never dreamed as a child that I would ever get this opportunity to explore this side of the world. It really takes my breath away but the most awesome thing of all is getting to hug my loved ones that I have missed so much. When you get an opportunity I say come this way and you will never regret it and the memories that you will carry will be with you always. Mother-In-Law

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Great blogging Mother-in-law!! :) Awesome!
I enjoyed meeting you yesterday! Hope you guys continue to have an awesome time!!