am i on candid camera?

Rarely does a week go by when I don't feel as if I'm the main character of a comedy. You know, the character that gets stuck in crazy situations, laughed at, or is perplexed at the actions around her.

I'll give a few For Instances: on Wednesday, husband and I were invited to go to lunch by one of the students in the storying class we are doing. This was our first time to go to her house and meet her family. Despite her several phone calls and constant text messages, we barely knew her ourselves. But we went anyway because that's what we're here for, right? Turns out, she's the only one who speaks any English at all, and hers is quite limited. No problem...we can hold shallow conversations in the language by now so we pushed through. We sat mainly with her dad the whole time while the women prepared the lunch. We found out that day that her dad is the South Asian version of the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was South Asia this, South Asia that, our culture is better than Western culture, our music is the best, etc. All he was missing was a bottle of Windex. It was hard to keep a straight face after awhile, especially when he remarked to husband that "everybody in the US listens to our music." Husband said, "No, not really," and he looked at husband as if he had sprouted two heads and nodded, as if to say, "You fool. What do you know about America?"

Another example: Just now, a man who sells gas cylinders came to the house. When I opened the door, there happened to be 3 women on the road in front of our house, one whom was so curious about me, that she walked right up to the door along with the salesman, and started to speak to me. And even though I was clearly conversing with the salesman, she began to translate anyway. To save her some time, I finally told her that I speak the language, to which she acted completely shocked, as if I hadn't been speaking it for a few minutes already right in front of her. At least this is a very friendly culture that they are ready and willing to translate when we need help!

And this one is my favorite. Yesterday, I was at the vegetable seller's shop. A friend walks up, greets me, and then asks, "What are you doing?" I thought it was pretty obvious, but I said, "Buying vegetables." "Ohh!" she said, like a mystery was solved. Then, immediately after I asked the salesman for a kilo of potatoes, she asked, "What are you making?" Again, it was Captain Obvious to the rescue..."Potatoes," I answered slowly. Once again, she looked completely taken aback at my answer, and giggled delightedly with surprise.

All of this has happened in the past 48 hours. I wonder what comedic relief is in store for the next 2 days?


Domino said...

okay, girl, you have got to get that book of yours published, soon. I can't wait to read it. Your writing is tres good.

Ashley Sneds said...

hahah those stories are great! what would your experience be without those funny situations. plus, they keep us entertained! miss you girl!