wait a sec, this is south asia...?

A big happy late valentine's day to everyone! This time last year, husband and I sat, eating a fancy steak dinner, wondering how our Feb 14, 2006 would be. I pictured us running around a desert town looking for some place semi-nice to eat at. Sadly, I already knew there would be no steak house to be found. (although we do frequent a restaurant with a decent, if not incredibly spicy, vegetable steak...but that's another story)

But fortunately, we found a nice place for a romantic date. Actually, a very nice place. Although maybe our stateside friends should let us know if 6 months of South Asia has clouded our view of nice. I take that back - please don't. I'd rather impress myself with stories of this magnificent old hotel on the edge of town with beautiful wood paneling, chandeliers, a cozy lounge, and the charm of another century. It was beyond my expectations! We forgot for a few hours that we were even in this country. And as we cruised home on the scooter, I looked around at the lights of this city on the side of a hill, the narrow streets, and the stars, I realized that as much I pine after Paris sometimes, our town can be pretty charming too. I just may have to squint a little harder to see it.


Ashley Sneds said...

thats so awesome...i wish i could see where you guys live! im glad you had a nice valentines together and remember...your idea of nice is whatever brings a smile to your face when you need it the most. The boss knows what you guys need and exactly when to help you find it. im glad you found the perfect resteraunt. happy late valentines day!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

What country is that in?? :)