girls just wanna have fun!

This past weekend our company somehow knew us women would love a ladies retreat. It was great - some of the women in the capital city organized it, and I think there were about 20+ of us there. One thing we did was go to an honest-to-goodness western mall. This place had fancy shops, a kiddie play area, escalators, and not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 stories! I think all 20 of us white women stopped in our tracks when we walked into the mall with our mouths gaping open. This kind of place is just unheard of in our parts of south asia.

P.S. I have to thank the choir and dadto3 at our home office. I listened to my iPod as I took the bus (by myself!) down the mountain, and the first track of their most recent CD came on. Or at least I think it's the most recent...? Anyway, as I stared out the window, seeing the poverty, the hundreds of thousands who would probably die without knowing the Truth, and passing too many temples to count on the way, I could hear them singing, "There's no Boss like Jeh..." over and over again. Living in a land of 300 million bosses, those words have never seemed more true. Your version of that song is my favorite!


dadto3 said...

Hey guys,
As it happens, we will be singing that song this week! I am offering much bread on your behalf and will surely be thinking of you guys when we sing "there is no other like ours...."

P.S. The monthly is out. Got you in!

Ashley Sneds said...

hey sunday was awesome when we sang that song...dadto3 read your blog before and i know a lot of people were thinking of you while they were singing those oh so true words...we miss you guys!