it's our anniversary!

Well, not that kind of anniversary...but today does mark 6 months of us being in South Asia. Can you believe it's already been half a year? I sure can't.

And in unrelated news, we woke up this morning to an interesting picture in the paper. Let me backtrack. Yesterday, we took all the visitors to the touristy areas of our town and took tons of pics. This morning, husband went to the vegetable guy who smiled hugely when he saw husband, and said, "Hey!" and grabbed today's local paper and showed him a picture of us on the front page! Oh man, it was quite a shock when husband brought it to us, but now it's kind of a joke because everyone is telling us how they saw us today. So, to commemorate our 6th month of being in South Asia, they put us in the paper. Not really...the caption on the picture talks about how many tourists come to our town. But it sure it fun to think that highly of ourselves.


NOSILA611 said...

I'm gonna need to see that picture! How funny! And happy 6 months! (Ours is Thursday!) Friday was our 4 years together anniversary! And Saturday was my parents' 17th wedding anniversary! Man, anniversarys all around! Thanks Daddy! Love you!

Domino said...

You've got to take a picture of the paper and send us the pic. I can't wait to see it! Boy, is that gonna make it into the scrapbook!

Ashley Sneds said...

6 months!!!!! thats crazy!