funny signs

I see strange signs all the time, so I realized the other day I should be taking pictures of these. Here are just a small percentage of the crazy signs I've seen in the past 6 months:

Sometimes I can totally relate.

Written by the flowers? Or is the English just funny?

I'm still at a loss for what exactly a fancy cracker is.

This one requires a small explanation. This was posted at every escalator in the big western mall we went to. Apparently us Americans take for granted growing up using escalators from a small age. I saw one woman being led by the elbow very awkwardly on the steps, and she froze on the way down, frightened, much like on the movie Elf...remember that? Hopefully that image put a smile on your face.

(thanks to KimmySun, Beki, and Anna, who I 'borrowed' 3 of these from...I felt justified since I've been to each of these places they were taken :)


NOSILA611 said...

Kinda like our "Please do not take water from the toilets" sign.

HA! Glad you are home! Missed you!

Ashley Sneds said...

hahaha those are so funny!