Coffee Day!

Unfortunately, husband wasn't able to go to the village. As things often change here in South Asia, the "ceremony" was cancelled. That was the reason he couldn't go, and I'm still not sure if he even knew there was a ceremony in the first place. He was pretty bummed about it, but we know there will be more opportunities later.

Today, Hannah and I took a road trip to get some coffee! Who would've thought that I would ever consider a two hour car ride as a day-and-back trip. And technically, it should be, seeing as the town we went to is only about 50 km away (that's about 30 miles for the metric system challenged). That's windy mountain roads for you. Not to mention windy South Asian mountain roads.

So there are two main chain coffee shops here in South Asia, and we have one of them in our town, which is a miracle in itself, considering how small our town is. But the other chain is located on a road in the middle of nowhere 50 km south of us. Hannah and I have been throwing around the idea of going there for a day to study just for a change of pace. It was great, and enjoying the scenery on the way is always refreshing.

Hazelnut Latte and a Chocolate Pie - doesn't get much better than that! The driver stopped at a temple to send money on the way, but in true South Asian style, his cell phone rang and he answered it. Temple time over. And the last pic is a town we passed.

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Ashley Sneds said...

i hope your coffee trip was well worth it. you guys are in my thoughts every day! oh, josh and i have a date...june 2, 2007! forever away! haha! love you!